Our Team

Under the guidance of Annie L. Breau the Executive Director , ARA, as a not-for-profit organisation has continued to grow and now has over 25 full-time members of staff and over 20 on a part-time and casual basis.

Annie L. Breau

Executive Director
Annie comes in with 13+ years of administrative background with the City of Moncton. She graduated from CCNB in 2003 with a diploma in Bilingual Office Management Techniques and she has recently graduated with her Bachelor’s of Art in Organizational Management from Crandall University. She brings a variety of skills to our organization including her passion for learning. She has been involved in the community through many diverse volunteering opportunities including initiatives for Muscular Dystrophy, United Way, Run for the Cure, Greater Moncton Women’s Progress Club and the Greater Moncton Immigration Committee. Mental Health holds a special place in her heart and she looks forward to providing a strong and positive impact on ARA’s contributions to our community.

Chantal Ricker
Operations Manager
Chantal began with the company in 1991 as a relief staff and has continued to work her way up the management ladder to her current position. Chantal has had the practical experience of working in all of the houses in her time as relief staff, 4-12 Supervisor and then House Coordinator for 9 years before moving into the office in January 2008. Chantal completed her Human Resource Certification in June 2008 from CCNB Dieppe and has been in the administration office managing clients and staffing issues since then. In 2013, she completed a certificate program in Management Development.

Marcia Dulong

Office Administrator
Marcia is fairly new with ARA, having joined the team in January 2017. She is responsible for office administrative duties.

Susan McLure

Accounting Officer
Susan holds a contract position of Accounting Officer and is responsible for all financial aspects of the company.

Nancy MacKinnon

House Coordinator: Transition House
Nancy began with the company in July 1995 as relief staff and has continued to progress within the organisation, through the 4-12 Supervisor role and then on to House Coordinator since January 2002.

Joshua Magee

House Coordinator: Cameron Street
Joshua began with the company in September 2006 and, like Nancy and Chantal, has continued to progress within the organisation. Orginally, he held the position of a permanent part-time staff and then moved on to an Interim 4-12 supervisor. He is the House Coordinator since March 2014.

Jay Poirier

House Coordinator: Church Street
Jay began with the company in 1999 as relief staff and then held the position of 12-8 Supervisor at Transition House before moving to Church Street as 4-12 Supervisor. He remains at Church as House Coordinator since May 2008.

Luc Bellefleur

House Coordinator: Halls Street
Luc the company in 2001. He initially began as a relief staff, then moved on to a permanent part-time position, followed by full-time rotation. Following this, he became Interim 4-12 Supervisor and then on to the position he holds now as House Coordinator since October 2008.

Marc Babin

House Coordinator: Crisis Intervention Centre
Marc began at the Crisis Intervention Centre on October 17, 1990 as a relief staff and has continued to progress within the centre. Marc has been in the position of House Coordinator since April 2010.